Jane Barleycorn’s Vice Presidential Debate “Cheers to the Ville” Cocktail Contest, V-the Market, Danville KY

June 17, 2012 10:39 pm | POSTED BY Mary Robin


While you are Grilling & Mixing this summer, consider helping us come up a 10-drink Cocktail List for the Vice-Presidential debate:  Looking for 10 solid-citizen cocktail recipes that we have pre-named below.  The chart below is  just an organizational thought, not an exact flowchart!, but have fun, and feel free to request us to bring in hard-to-find spirit products:  (KY just gained distributors dedicated to artisan cocktails! so all the cool stuff you read about in the NY Times, LA Times,etc..Just might be available!)

Yellow DogThis drink honors those that spend the least time in the voting booth…They vote straight ticket  Dem, and walk out with head held high.  It’s easy to make a drink yellow/gold..(brown spirit as base)….  Yellow Dog…Heroic Mutts with the spirit of a Bulldog, that celebrate the common wo/man & wins the hearts of the populous!

Red Elephant-Same Concept as above except we need to honor the Straight Ticket Republicans.  Think red or clear:  there are red liqueurs, grenadine, creme de cassis, but there is also less-visible red, such as the fine, clear Peppar Vodka from Absolut…think of Karl Rove pulling strings from a study in a ranch house in Crawford, Texas…invisible, but powerful, potent, delivers with a kick & ultimately successful.

Damn Democrat- You know them…there are some in every family that wear this as a Badge of Honor every Christmas or Springtime Family Reunion and even though they are more than likely the Minority, mention ‘Health Care,’ ‘Bleeding Heart,’ or ‘Jimmy Carter’ and there will be such a loud cacophony & ruckus, you’ll just tell them they are a Majority to get them to move to a new subject!  We need a bold cocktail that  talks loud & enthusiastically, unafraid of alienating anyone with a good splash of something outside the mainstream & if at all possible, representing Justice for All!

The Obtuse Republican-This cocktail is LOADED…it will occupy you to the extent you can’t tolerate hearing anything else.  Complex, full of sophisticated flavors (possibly from expensive liqueurs); the only thing one might be able to contemplate outside the array of flavors is a back-stroking headline running across the picture on Fox TV….It is an-all-consuming attention-getter, like a luxury Bentley driving down Main Street, Danville…So confident, it makes the Other Parties question their strategy!  This Cocktail wins over the voting public by Strutting its Stuff!

Romney Rickey-This drink is to Celebrate  your Republican Candidate!  We can tell you that a Proper Gin Rickey has Gin, Lime Juice & Club Soda & is named for an 19th Century Washington Lobbyist, but do your own twist to make the Romney name one that will be remembered in Hip Bars across the nation…make it so universally palatable the Dems might have to slip & order!

Barack Rocks-Interpret Your President Via Cocktail!  Your chances are better if this drink is palatable (no matter where you stand), but make a statement!

The only necessary requirement is that it is on Rocks.

Biden’s Tongue-This drink has a bite (and one that only appeals to some (I’m thinking Campari or Cynar)), but you should think “Redemption,” as  you picture at least 3 Poliitcal Directors giving the  “cut symbol,” (index finger across the neck) to our Vice-President as he raises the bar in interviews….Many good policies were forced thru by the Brave One that wasn’t afraid to speak (it shouldn’t be entirely bitter!)!

Audacity of Hope-Also open to Wide Interpretation!!!  Re-speak Our Hope in Cocktail Terms and by all means, Speak with Audacity!  The country needs Audacity!  All notions of self-consciousness are gone in this cocktail–but people love it because it tells the Truth–Simple, Honest, Unadulterated, Blue or Red, bring it on….Truth 2012 (possibly adjusted from the 2008 version)

Sane Bain Bailout-We need some help on how to see this:  Is it Capitalism at its Finest or All that is Wrong…no Matter what you think, this issue NEEDS Bailing OUT!  Try for a cocktail that is enigmatic, cognitively dissonant, yet finishes bright (because we need the sanity!)

#10) This cocktail awaiting the announcement of the Republican VP 2012!


Rum Simple syrup Fresh Lemon Juice   Club Soda Mint
Whiskey Agave Syrup Fresh Lime Juice    Pellegrino sp. water Basil
Tequila Sweet Vermouth Fresh Orange Juice    Prosecco/champagne Pomegranate Seeds
Vodka Avant Liqueurs: Fresh Ginger Soda (From Coke, Ginger Ale to funky soda!) Rosemary
Gin St. Germain, V8/Tomato Juice Whatever is in Your Garden
D de Canton,

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